All Quiet Here. (as if!)

Thanks to Millie Mayson for listing Oh Hell Scorekeeper on her page, “Top Games to Checkout in August 2020“.

Check out this site.  Card games will be coming back, if they haven’t already, and Oh Hell is a barrel of fun for all.   Easy for beginners, it doesn’t grow old.  At least, not in the nearly 50 years I’ve been playing it.

Sorry for the lack of development over the last couple of years.  I’ve got another project I’m working on, which I will be gradually unveiling at  I think it’s pretty cool, but if you’re from someplace that doesn’t get hot and dry, it won’t be of much interest.  At least not yet.

I will come back to this, and see what needs improving.  I’d love to hear from you about what it could do better.

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Version 2.1 Released

I just posted a new version which makes no big changes, but adds some visual refinements and fixes one bug.


OHS Version 2.1 changes:

Bidding screen:

    • changed color of scores text to white for better visibility
    • changed orange “Score Details” button to “Scoreboard,” users can still get to Details page from Scoreboard, but Scoreboard (showing player rank) is more likely of interest than details
    • player scores hidden for first hand (no score yet)

Dealer screen:

    • added Help button

Scoreboard screen:

    • reworked help feature
    • changed ‘Bids Made’ color
    • fixed premature “Game Over” when checking scoreboard from bidding screen on final hand

Also minor appearance tweaks


New Version Available

Version 2.0 of Oh Hell Scorekeeper is now available on the iTunes store.

Changes include:

  • Now works with 3-7 players!  
  • Added Options brief at home (Players) screen bottom;
  • Options screen now scrolls, allowing less congested controls;
  • Revised help system enable/disable operation is now more intuitive;
  • Scoring screen now loads with focus on 1st result;
  • Added escape route in alert messages (averting hung situations);
  • Restricted Bidding and Scoring inputs to digits only (averting crashes)
  • Show “Bids Made” on Scoreboard is now an Option
  • Dealer selection rearranged to show Random first
  • Details screen now scrolls horizontally and vertically to show more players and hands
  • Appearance (mostly layout) tweaks
  • Various bug fixes
  • Many refinements ‘under the hood’ for a more reliable user experience
  • Much more testing

I’ve tested this version as extensively as I can, but if you should come across any malfunction at all, please email me at  Screenshots and/or descriptions of the malfunction, or how to reproduce it, would be helpful.  And if you have any suggestions for the next version, please do let me know.  This version came about because a user asked for support for more players; the next version could give you features that you would like to see!

Coming soon: 3-7 players

At the request of a user, I’ve created a new version that will support 3-7 players.  It’s in final testing now, and should release later this month.  I’ve taken the opportunity to make some other refinements, which will hopefully make the Scorekeeper easier and more satisfying to use.

As always, your feedback and suggestions are most welcome.   Just email me at

Just getting started…

I’m in the process right now of setting up beta testing of Oh Hell Scoreboard.  This is my first-ever iPhone app, so I’m sure I’ll be making a mistake or three along the way.  Please bear with me and hopefully we’ll all end up with a nice scoring app that’s a pleasure to use!

~ Nancy