All Quiet Here. (as if!)

Thanks to Millie Mayson for listing Oh Hell Scorekeeper on her page, “Top Games to Checkout in August 2020“.

Check out this site.  Card games will be coming back, if they haven’t already, and Oh Hell is a barrel of fun for all.   Easy for beginners, it doesn’t grow old.  At least, not in the nearly 50 years I’ve been playing it.

Sorry for the lack of development over the last couple of years.  I’ve got another project I’m working on, which I will be gradually unveiling at  I think it’s pretty cool, but if you’re from someplace that doesn’t get hot and dry, it won’t be of much interest.  At least not yet.

I will come back to this, and see what needs improving.  I’d love to hear from you about what it could do better.

Don’t miss, my personal brag board.  From there, the world.   😉


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