New Version Available

Version 2.0 of Oh Hell Scorekeeper is now available on the iTunes store.

Changes include:

  • Now works with 3-7 players!  
  • Added Options brief at home (Players) screen bottom;
  • Options screen now scrolls, allowing less congested controls;
  • Revised help system enable/disable operation is now more intuitive;
  • Scoring screen now loads with focus on 1st result;
  • Added escape route in alert messages (averting hung situations);
  • Restricted Bidding and Scoring inputs to digits only (averting crashes)
  • Show “Bids Made” on Scoreboard is now an Option
  • Dealer selection rearranged to show Random first
  • Details screen now scrolls horizontally and vertically to show more players and hands
  • Appearance (mostly layout) tweaks
  • Various bug fixes
  • Many refinements ‘under the hood’ for a more reliable user experience
  • Much more testing

I’ve tested this version as extensively as I can, but if you should come across any malfunction at all, please email me at  Screenshots and/or descriptions of the malfunction, or how to reproduce it, would be helpful.  And if you have any suggestions for the next version, please do let me know.  This version came about because a user asked for support for more players; the next version could give you features that you would like to see!

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