Oh Hell Scorekeeper is an app designed to make keeping score for a game of Oh Hell easier than ever before. It’s also designed to help newcomers learn the game, with easy-access help at every stage of the game, from entering player names to dealing, bidding and scoring.

Oh Hell Scorekeeper features:

  • Play to any number of cards
  • Play Up Only or Up & Down
  • Adjustable bonus for making bid
  • Adjustable points per trick for made hand
  • Adjustable points per trick for lost hand
  • Adjustable bid limit enforcement
  • Players, options and settings saved between games
  • Screens progress naturally and easily through game
  • Color-coded functions
  • Final Hand and Game Over indicators
  • Bidding screen includes score display
  • Details screen includes optional Bid and Make display
  • Optional help text for new players makes learning game easy
  • Help text for each option setting
  • Show/Dismiss help buttons with up/down swipe

Oh Hell is a game played under many different names – Wikipedia lists over 70! Some of the more popular are Nomination Whist, Up and Down the River, Oh Pshaw, Oh Heck, Swing 13, Riki Tiki, La Podrida, and many more. There are many variations to the gameplay, and I’ve included the ability to select many of these in this app, under “Options”. If you need another option not already included in order to play the game your favorite way, please email me and I’ll do my best to update the app with options needed to play it your way.


If you don’t like the name Oh Hell, please email me and I will release a version under a different, more modest name.  I would also appreciate hearing your  suggestion for the best alternative name.

There are a number of Oh Hell sites online where you can learn more about the game, including rules and variations as well as other scoring apps.  Jan Adamec’s Oh Hell Scoring is nicely laid out for the iPad and inspired me to write Oh Hell Scorekeeper.




Please feel free to email me with questions or requests at nancy@nangeroni.net.